Fellowship with us!

3301 Leyden Street

Denver, CO 80207 

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 11:00 am

Church Doors are Open

( Masks are required at all services)


Sunday School: 9:30-10:30 am



Midweek Prayer & Bible Study

Wednesdays 7:00 pm

(Cancelled until further Notice)


  • Weekly Announcements--January 23rd, 2022

Pastor's Weekly Seed Bed

Key Verse:  Exodus 20:1:  God has revealed His Moral standards. 

Personal Application:   Consistently violating any commandment indicates we are not living in fellowship..

Foreign Aide Mission Sunday


Mask are required during all Services 

The Delta variant virus's has become the predominant strain in Colorado this summer, the number of new infections among vaccinated people in the state has increased--raising concerns this version of the virus is breaking through the vaccines' protection more often than previous strains. We are asking Masks to be worn by ALL attendees 2 Years and above even if you are vaccinated.  




We are thankful to be back in  Worship Service since the COVID Virus shutdown.   Being back in our beautiful sanctuary praising God for his goodness and making it all possible was awesome.  CDC guidelines will continue to be followed to ensure and safeguard each other's health.  You may attend rather you have received your vaccination or not, but we do encourage everyone who's eligible to get vaccinated. .  We will continue the video/radio broadcasts. We look forward to seeing you at our initial service.  


Sunday in Person Worship Service  can be viewed on U-Tube on the following Monday. 




Sunday school is for all, the Young and Young at Heart 

In person Sunday School classes are held each Sunday, 9:30AM at the Church. 

We will resume in person  Adults Classes I and II.   



  Pray always without Ceasing...I Thessalonians 5:17

We are NOT always able to touch, but we can AGREE to pray daily at 9AM, 12PM and 3PM.  God Answers Prayers.



Sunday's In-Person Worship Service~11AM-12PM

Sunday School Classes Adult I & II 9:30AM at the Church


*Mid-week Bible Study--No exact starting date has been determined.





                                        Agenda for Midweek Service-(when it starts)

                                        6:45-Call/Login period--Meet/Greet 



                                        7:25-7:55--Weekly Lesson**


                                              **Lesson instructed by Ministers/Deacons








We will administer communion twice on 1st Sunday,   First during the 11:00AM In Service Worship.  Secondly  Communion will be administered again at 3:30PM during the radio broadcast for those who tune in via radio.  If you are in need of a Communion Kit please call the church office (prior to Second Sunday) at (303-322-5983) so that we can try to accommodate you.  



   1.   First Sunday-- Communion & Baptism Sunday

  2.  Second Sunday--Youth, Children & Vision Sunday

  3.  Third Sunday--Pastor's Aide Love Offering Sunday

  4.  Fourth Sunday--Foreign Aid Mission

  5.  Fifth Sunday--Mission Sunday



Mid-Week Prayer & Bible Study

Wednesday's at 6:45PM--Zoom.Com or Dial Up (start date to be determined) 

The more you pray, the less you'll panic

The more you worship, the less you'll worry.


Altar Prayer

Please join us each Friday from 12PM-1PM for open Altar Prayer.  All are Welcome

Prayer changes things.--Cancelled until further Notice.



Pray always without Ceasing...I Thessalonians 5:17

Thou We can not touch...We can agree to pray daily at

9AM, 12PM and 3PM....God Answers Prayers




God loves a cheerful giver, Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the window of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it...Malachi 3:10.  


Homework Help

Need help with homework?   The Tutoring Ministry is here for YOU!!!  Contact Sis Tiffany Goodloe, Sis Salynthia Russell, or Sis Taneshia Jones.  Thank You, Sis. Tiffany Goodloe, Tutoring Ministry.


Church Bus

To schedule a pickup notify the Sunday's Bus driver on Saturday.  If you need a ride to church, please call early enough so he/she can prepare their schedule.  Please notify driver in the event of a change in plans.  Refer all calls in reference to the Bus Ministry to Deacon Donald Ward at (303) 909-8532 -Thank You.  Note: the Bus Ministry is looking for a few good men and women for drivers - contact the church office at 303-322-5983 or Deacon Donald Ward 303-909-8532.



A member of the Health Ministry is available to assist when needed at any service, also they will be doing blood pressure checks each 2nd Sunday.  Please take the time to introduce yourself.  You new know when you may need their service.  May God continue to Bless You with good health.  The Health Ministry.  Note:  August  is National Immunization Month.



Every 2nd Sunday will be Youth/Family & Friends Casual Sunday.  We are encouraging every member to bring/invite your family members and friends to attend church with you.  The family with the most members (more than five (5)) will receive a prize.  Appropriate casual dress is encouraged.   We need your prayers and support to make the worship service a continued success.  Any questions or concerns may be directed to Sister Salynthia Russell, Youth Director or any Deacon.  Yours in Christ, Shiloh Leadership.