Fellowship with us!

3301 Leyden Street

Denver, CO 80207 

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 11:00 am

Church Doors are Open

(No Mask required if you have been vaccinated)


Sunday School: 9:00-10:00 am

(Zoom-Phone Dial up Only)


Midweek Prayer & Bible Study

Wednesdays 7:00 pm

(Cancelled until further Notice)


Shiloh Church Ministries:


Ministries Descriptions



Attendance Ministry: Keep an accurate and up to date weekly attendance record of members and visitors. Work closely with the Meet and Greet Ministry to welcome members and visitors at each sanctuary door.

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Children Choir: For children 4 to 12 years old.

Children Church: Support the Christian fellowship experience of Shiloh's children (ages 6 - 11)


Church Nursery: Support Nursery age children (3 - 5) (11 a.m.) with a curriculum that prepares them for the next level.


College Ministry: provide support to Shiloh's college and university students in their efforts to obtain educational goals.

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Deacon Board: To assist the Pastor by

  • Distributing alms, visiting the sick, shut-in and absentee members.
  • Assisting with ordinances: Lord’s Supper and Baptism.
  • Maintaining the church in a neat, orderly, and secure manner.
  • Maintaining a high spiritual atmosphere and perform other requested tasks.

Deaconess Ministry: 

  • Assist the Pastor and Deacons in all church activities
  • Visit the sick and shut-in
  • Aid those that are less fortunate and in distress
  • Provide steadfast sympathy and comfort to others

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Executive Board: The Executive Board is composed of the Deacons and Pastor.  They perform all executive functions, including decision making duties for enforcement and adherence to the church’s constitution and articles.

Family Crisis Support:
 Plan a program of visitation to church members during crisis such as deaths, tragedies, accidents, etc.  The visitation committee shall consist of five members.  This team will also visit church members that have requested removal from the church roll and perform other duties as requested by the Pastor.

Meet and Greet Ministry:
 Welcome members and visitors to the church.  Create an initial atmosphere of love, unity, and enthusiasm for everyone that enters the church.

Men's Ministry:
Enlist the men of the church to develop their spiritual gifts and abilities in an effort to grow the church and glorify The Savior.

Mother's Board:
 Develop a spiritually inspired curriculum; nurture, teach, and lead elderly and young women so that they understand decent conduct and spiritual maturity.  Provide guidance and spiritual insight (counseling)  regarding social ills.  Serve as a spiritual counselor, adviser, and trainer for female congregants. 

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Music Ministry:
 Assure that appropriate music is provided for all services of the church and that each musical entity of the church receives biblical training that adheres to the doctrine of this church.

New Membership Monitoring Committee:
 Assure a seamless transition for new candidates, whether by baptism or Christian experience, into the church’s ministry.  Inform new members of the steps and the available materials necessary to acquire the knowledge and doctrines of the church ministry.

Pastor Aid Committee:
 Responsible for the overall coordination and planning for all programs and activities associated with the pastor’s and wife’s anniversary and other events.  This team also addresses the overall well being of the pastor and wife and provides additional assistance via love offerings and special programs.  

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Shiloh Educational Training (SET):
Educate those who have accepted Jesus as lord and savior regarding their duties and responsibilities as servants.  Assist various organizations with planning, programming, and training.  Also, provide educational and curriculum materials.   


Singles Ministry: Description pending

Sunday School:
 Assist those who will avail themselves of the opportunity to learn what the Christian life is and the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Tape Ministry:
Description pending

Serve as official legal servants regarding business matters related to the Church.  They act in the best interest of the members of Shiloh to assure continuation and protection of the church.  

Tutoring Ministry:
 Description pending

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Ushers Ministry:
Warmly greet and receive patrons at the door of the church.  Assist with handouts, seating, and appropriate entry/exit from the church sanctuary during services.  Direct patron movement and support the pastor and other ministries.

Vacation Bible School: provide Christian activities for children and adults during the summer.

W C Jones Praise Ensemble: Description Pending

Women's Ministry:
promote the spiritual growth of women and their commitment to the church through Christian Education and Stewardship. 

Youth Church Ministry: Establish processes necessary to continue the Christian education of youth (ages 12 to 18) of the church and evangelize to those who are not members.  These processes include: 

  • Development of Christian educational classes to support spiritual growth
  • Steps that address the concerns of youth
  • Education of youth regarding proper Christian etiquette
  • Coordination with the other youth oriented units of Shiloh.

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Young Adult Ministry: Provide sound biblical principles for young adults (ages 18 to 35) that:

  • supports their spiritual growth
  • addresses their concerns,
  • integrates them into regular worship services
  • facilitates social activities that promote teamwork and new members.